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ARTIST BIO: Nancy Eckels
As a child, little did Nancy Eckels know when she won a prize in a children's art contest, it would be a hint of what her future would hold. She had submitted a small still life drawing of a composition that her mother had set up for her, and the reward was having the drawing reproduced in the company magazine where her father worked. Of course, other hints were there. The most obvious being the fact that her mother and father met in an oil painting class and together took lessons from a famous east coast illustrator named Frank E. Schoonover. Eckels' aunts and uncles were all artists, so she and her sister (who is also an artist) were immersed in art from the beginning.

Nancy was born in Kingston, New York, but moved to Utah at age 7 when her father was transferred for his work. With her family, she spent her summers exploring many of the national parks, and natural wonders of the west where her father loved to fish and photograph. He instilled in her a love and appreciation for the beauty and colors of nature, while her mother taught her many of the lessons of art.

Nancy became a fulltime artist only after ending another creative career. She moved to California to attend college, and happily worked in television for many years. She was a director on the CBS daytime drama, "The Bold and the Beautiful" when she decided to move on to full time painting. Given her family background, it seemed like the most natural transition she could make.

Nancy gained quite an art education through "osmosis" while being around talented family members. She has learned much from working with several experimental abstract painters, including Katherine Chang Liu, Carole Barnes, and Pat Dews. The past 18 years her worked has been placed in homes and businesses across the country. Before she gave up the traveling life, she participated for multiple years in several of the top juried art shows in the U.S. including the La Quinta Arts Festival in the California desert, and the annual show at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts in Arizona.

Her mission continues. That is to continue to create special paintings that speak to her and her collectors. And she will keep applying paint to every canvas with that in mind!

Nancy will be painting as long as she can hold a brush. It's a passion that will not be lost to retirement. She lives with her husband in Canyon Country, California
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